LODEFRESH - Griffith, Wagga Wagga and Hillston

The LODEFRESH operation specialises in the dry and refrigerated transport of fresh produce initially from the irrigated agricultural areas in the Riverina and MIA, to the produce markets in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide and Perth.

Utilising the services of a modern contractor fleet, and drawing on LODEHAUL’s sixty years experience in managing such fleets, LODEFRESH provides prompt, safe and efficient delivery, ensuring the freshness of the produce reaching these markets.

LODEFRESH staff are all highly experienced produce haulage managers with an intimate knowledge of the needs of the local producers. From farm pick up to market delivery the reliability and care provided by LODEFRESH makes it a first transport choice.

In Griffith - LODEFRESH is an appointed CHEP agents with weekday and weekend access to pallets and bins for the area.


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